Give the Gift of Normandie Farm to Someone Special!

Gift Certificates are available for any dollar denomination starting at $25.00.

Shipping charge for Gift Certificates is $6.50

To order a Normandie Farm Gift Certificate, simply download the pdf form and fill it out. Mail with your check to Normandie Farm or fax your completed form with credit card information and authorization to us at 301-983-0752. 

Your request will be processed and mailed to you via certified mail.

Brunch $32.00 per person
Afternoon Tea $25.00 per person
Lunch Average $15.00 per person
Dinner Average $35.00 per person



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Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017, @7:00pm- 10:30pm
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Fri, Feb 24th, 2017, @7:00pm- 11:00pm
"Bob Stout In Margery's Lounge"
Sat, Feb 25th, 2017, @7:00pm- 11:00pm
Conservatory Classic Jazz Band! ********
Sun, Feb 26th, 2017, @3:00pm- 5:30pm
Open for Private Events Only *********
Mon, Feb 27th, 2017, @11:30am- 10:00pm

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